Friday, February 23, 2018

games to play on paper

There are certain times of the year staying indoors because of weather can make any kid restless and give them cabin fever. You could allow them to spend that time in front of a computer console or in front of the TV all day, but, what happens when the lights go out because of an outage?

Here are a few tips you can do today to prepare for that inevitable event:

Scan websites for free printable fun activities for kids. Coloring pages, masks, paper dolls or figures, craft projects and experiments are just some ideas about what sites offer.

Create a supply chest and fill it with art supplies: crayons, non toxic paints, paper, rulers, scissors, glue, bits of fabric, etc. You can scour yard sales, thrift stores or your attic for fabric scraps, buttons, ribbon, paper, etc.

Make a list of Emergency supplies and then divide the list among the kids. Have them find as many items as on the list. You can tailor the list to include whatever items you can think of for the children to find.
This list of children fun activities isn't inclusive, there are plenty of things you can have your children do when the lights go out that will pass the time quickly.

Some game ideas:

Board games: Monopoly, Life, Trouble, Sorry
Guessing type: Game involving an even number of players and a score keeper that uses descriptions to guess words you can pre-print on 3x5 cards. One side faces the other and gives out hints without actually saying the word.
Paper or Dry Erase board: Hang Man, Drawing type game where you draw elements of the main object for others to guess.
Acting games: Charades, Name That Tune (you can hum the notes)
You're not restricted involving hand held games and can easily find many at the store; the problem with most is that when the batteries die and the spares do too, you're left with a lot of quiet hours with nothing to do especially if the weather forces everyone inside.

When the weather is the reason for everyone remaining inside, you can then open your chest of supplies and start projects using the free printable fun activities for kids as a guide. If you planned ahead, all the supplies from the list will be in the chest ready to use.

You can hold a talent show displaying anything your children made during the time the outage occurred or while the weather prevented everyone from going outside.

Bad weather or power outages need not be boring and, with a little preparation can actually bring members of the family together and make an otherwise boring situation into a fun and productive one.

games to play on paper

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Proofreading PhD

The importance of proofreading any written document should not be underestimated. You could be planning to submit a manuscript to publishers for consideration, or about to hand in that all important dissertation, but whatever you've written should always be passed through the proofreading process and ideally by someone else.

Proofreading is a skill and an art; it involves understanding the intricacies of language, and having a very good eye for detail. And because of these skills being a necessary requirement within a proofreader, not everyone is capable of carrying out the task. Unfortunately it is also the case that even within the select few who claim to be proofreaders, there are varying degrees of accuracy and attention to detail.

Nevertheless, a proof reader's role in the writing process is an essential one. The types of errors that a proofreader can recognise will include: spelling mistakes, the obvious and the not so obvious, grammar errors, changes to the font, and inconsistent alignment of the text, spacing or paragraph settings. Furthermore, a proofreader will provide a general check of the text for consistency, e.g. in the spelling of a character's name, or continuity in setting or plot. For example, a proofreader would easily spot if you started a scene at night and moments later you mention the sun beating down. These types of errors are ones that as a writer it is difficult to spot, particularly if you have been working very closely with a manuscript up to that point. A copy editor would provide a more thorough review of your work but a proof reader would be a good starting point to highlight any areas of concern.

Similarly, in academic writing, it is easy to get bogged down in the arguments or the science within the essay or dissertation, and forget about the finer points of the grammar or style. A proofreader can pick up not only spelling and grammar mistakes but also incorrect referencing, or failure to adhere to the style guidelines. Having a fresh pair of eyes carry out this job for you means that the process will be far more productive, time efficient and worth the fee (if paying a professional proofreader to complete the task for you).

If you have written a manuscript, thesis, dissertation or essay and you choose not to proofread it, or not to get someone else to have a look through, then you could be setting yourself up for failure. Having worked so hard to produce your document, losing marks, or failing to secure a publishing deal simply because of bad spelling, or an inconsistent style seems like a pointless risk to take, especially when the alternative of getting a proofreader to ensure your work is perfect, is such a simple thing to do.

Proofreading PhD

Monday, January 29, 2018

home & deco

Are you looking for a special lamp for your home or office? Antique art deco lamps are very popular today and really add a lot of style and elegance to your decor. These lamps often get their design elements from natural forms. So if you want to add a touch of nature to your home or cottage these lamps will really help you achieve that effect.

Art deco lamps come in a lot of different styles from desk Lamps, to floor Lamps, table Lamps, wall lamps, standard lamps, and bedside lamps. Along with their shades made of glass in smoked all the way to multi colored Tiffany style.

One of the best places to shop for art deco lamps is on auction sites on the internet. We're all familiar with eBay and it is the premium auction site and absolutely a great place to shop.

So why shop on eBay?

This is simply because no one has as wide a range of items for sale anywhere. It doesn't matter what it is you're looking for they are bound to have it.

Another thing is because of the number of people selling things on eBay and therefore the competition between sellers, you can often get some great prices. The sellers range from individuals to professional dealers making their living from their online shops, so there is always a great selection.

So when you are shopping for art deco lamps, eBay is the first place to start looking. They make it easy for you to find what you're looking for. All you need to do is click on the category you're interested in and you'll be taken straight to the relevant products you are looking for - without any fuss or hassle. Look first in the category of antiques searching for art deco and then lamps and you will see a great selection. You can also find them in other categories as the sellers may choose to sell their lamps in a different category for whatever reason.

Now when buying things on eBay you will need to take some precautions just like any other online auction site. Or for that matter whenever you are buying an antique anywhere. You certainly want to avoid any potential problems you might run into because you are not used to buying this way. It is also difficult to know if you are buying a genuine antique when you can only see a picture of it. Therefore it is important to be able to trust the seller and his description of the piece you are looking at.

So don't be an unwary purchaser!
- Take time to read the information on the item thoroughly.
- Buy only from sellers that you know or have dealt with before or have received good feedback from previous buyers.
- If you have any questions about the art deco lamp (or whatever you are looking to buy), don't hesitate to contact the seller for further information.
- eBay also has a buyer protection program, seller feedback and Safety Centre all to help you make wise purchases.

If vintage is your thing, whether you are looking to just decorate your home or want to start making money by antiquing, I recommend you get an account with eBay and begin buying and/or selling your antique art deco lamps online right away.

home & deco

Friday, December 15, 2017

Volunteer in costa rica

South America is a land of varied cultures and once-in-a-lifetime sights and sounds. More specifically, the continent is home to many of the world's finest volunteer and study abroad programs located anywhere on the globe. The continent's favorable exchange rate, temperate climate and host of health and educated-related assistance opportunities make it the perfect destination for recent high school graduates, Gap Year students, and professionals taking a career break; who may be looking to enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

Anyone over the age of 18 can donate their time in South America to great effect. Why should you consider a volunteer work program? Here are 5 great reasons giving the gift of your time and experience may be one of the most fulfilling things you ever do:

1. Learn a language:

While volunteering you will be working with local people while becoming immersed in the local language. One of the fastest ways to learn a new language is by immersion, or the daily hearing and practicing of the new language. Learning a second language is a valuable life skill as well. With the growing number of Spanish immigrants in the United States, learning Spanish is a valuable commodity on the American job market. A number of other languages are spoken in South America, so you are not limited to only learning Spanish. Check with your volunteer coordinator as to what languages are predominately spoken in the area you will be volunteering.

2. Enjoy a new culture:

South America has a vibrant, colorful, culture that you will enjoy while volunteering. Getting to know the local people will open your eyes to a new world of thought, food, and cultural entertainment. People that live in an area always know the best kept secrets, such as good restaurants and beautiful sightseeing locations, which you can investigate during your spare time. With its own languages, festivals, music, sports, art, theatre, and holidays, South America has a variety of avenues of interest for you to explore and learn about.

3. Invest in your health:

Volunteering is good for the soul. Many people who have donated their time have come out of the experience with a new found look on life. Giving has always made people feel better, and what better way to give than your time? There are many areas in South America, such as Argentina, that are in need of volunteers to help build communities and provide training in life skills. As is the case in most of South America, Argentina volunteer programs are particularly geared to the area of health care and assisting children.

4. Help improve our Global Community:

With the advancement of the internet and increased international TV stations, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. We are no longer alone in our corner of the world, but have become part of a Global Community. Volunteering in a foreign country promotes goodwill and understanding, improving our community as a whole. The more we understand and learn about other parts of the world, the more we grow as a world community.

5. Improve your job skills:

Some companies find volunteering a valuable asset to have listed on your resume, it shows them that you are a caring and dedicated individual. Other companies even have programs that allow you time off to volunteer. While volunteering in South America you will make new friends and contacts through the program coordinators, other volunteers, and the local people. Meeting new people opens your eyes to new ideas and concepts that will provide you with a different way of looking at your work environment.

Making a difference in the world can be as simple as one person giving freely his or hers time to benefit the life of another. South America is a great place to see first-hand the incredible benefit of this simple concept in action. Volunteer and make a difference you can be proud up. Summer work program positions can fill up ahead of time - so if coming between June and August, try to decide on your summer program and sign up as early as possible. What are you waiting for, make a difference today!

Volunteer in costa rica

Thursday, December 14, 2017

keira floral

Decorating any venue for all types of events must include special floral arrangements. Whether it is a backyard party at home or a company event, flowers is an excellent way to attract all. Being able to exhibit flowers in different types of bouquets or vase placements can enhance the appearance of your event in a huge way.

If you are part of an office committee organization a corporate event, you should consider using the right type of Office Flowers arrangements to improve the overall d├ęcor of the event. Considering some of the following types of floral arrangement ideas will be beneficial.

• Procuring special types of arrangements that creates an impression on the guests
• To make the floral arrangement special, consider including flowers, such as orchids, anthurium leaves, and tropical leaves in vases
• To decorate reception areas, you can consider lilies, bamboo, rich striped foliage, kale, and vandas
• To achieve the best corporate appearance you can include unique shapes like lukes, proteas, gum nuts, and banksia placed in ceramic vases all around the venue
• The table centrepiece can be few sticks of roses neatly arranged in cylindrical vases
• Including white floral bouquets placed in different areas around the venue will add elegance
• The white flowers can include red roses in between to further enhance the appearance

In addition to making the workplace attractive, flowers are used to show respect to employees and customers. Several companies give bouquets to employees at special corporate events as a token of appreciation. The organizations also use flowers as a mark of respect for special guests and valued customers.

Irrespective of the reason you require flowers; you can contact a reliable and reputed company that offers a wide range of choice. Searching the World Wide Web is the best way to find reliable companies offering various types of floral arrangements at extremely affordable prices. A quick look on your favourite search engine yields hundreds of matching results. Before you decide to choose one of the several service providers, considering some important factors can help you make an appropriate decision.

• Checking the websites of these companies will help you understand about the various types of floral arrangements offered
• Users must take a detailed look at the portfolio to ensure the chosen agency is able to deliver the arrangement that is required by them
• Reading reviews and testimonials offered by past clients will help you determine the quality of services and satisfaction levels
• Browsing through discussion boards, review sites, forums, and blogs will offer useful tips and guidelines to ensure you make an appropriate decision

Having shortlisted the vendor for the necessary floral arrangement, meeting in person is very crucial. During this meeting, you must clearly define your specific needs and requirements to ensure there is no misunderstanding that could lead to disastrous mistakes on the D-day. The office managers' in-charge of managing the floral arrangements must procure an estimate about the expected costs to avoid surprises in the future. With this information, you can now choose the best type of corporate flowers arrangement to ensure your corporate event is a great success.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

t shirt printing company in singapore

Why do we need the services of a 3D printing company? 3D printing helps the designers to create complex shapes. All those shapes are impossible to create with traditional methods. Using additive techniques, elaborate designs can be made. Now the cost of producing those complicated designs is almost the same as creating simple designs using conventional methods.

Some criterion for choosing a reliable company

In recent times, three-dimensional prints have become very popular. Most of the business organizations are opting for these styles. It is quite a challenging task to choose an efficient 3D printing company near me. Let us discuss the factors that play a significant role in selecting a printing company.

Have a look at their work done in the past

Go through their past projects. All the reputed service providers have a portfolio of clients and past projects. It is always better to run a check on their portfolio. See if the various projects worked upon by 3D printing companies are capable of meeting your requirements or not. You may contact some of their past clients and make inquiries regarding their professionalism and trustworthiness.

Do some research

You may want to do a comprehensive research regarding the talent pool of 3D printing companies in the USA. Ask about their experience and background. You have to make sure that your organization has all the expertise to handle your needs. Do some browsing around. Take a look at some of the websites of other related companies. Do a comparative analysis with regards to cost and facilities offered.

Ask about their process

Do not be shy to ask questions about their additive process. It is of utmost importance to be aware of all the processes and tools utilized by them. The best service provider will be up to date with the latest technologies. You must ensure that the platform of the service provider is in alignment with your current needs. Then only you will end up with high-end products.

Get the best deals

Most of leading companies may come up with some reasonable deals at some point or the other. Be on the lookout for those deals. From the financial point of view, these deals will bring significant financial savings. In the process, you will get introduced to several such companies, and you will be able to have an idea regarding their efficiency and level of expertise.

Cost effective in the long run

You must embrace this technology sooner to survive in this competitive world. Be careful while choosing a firm. You have to choose a 3D service provider who will meet all your professional requirements within the specified deadline. It is always the most cost-effective option to outsource to service bureaus. Some companies may maintain in-house 3D printing appliances, but for the most part of the time, they remain under-utilized. So they are not so cost-effective in the long run. Their services are most beneficial especially if you need to deal with different kinds of materials which might need access to these kinds of printing technologies.

t shirt printing company in singapore

makeup for oily skin

When you have oily skin, it's necessary to test the makeup to make sure it's not going to produce more oil from your sebaceous glands (oil glands). It won't help if the makeup you're using causes your oil glands to produce more oil. That will only minimize the effect of the makeup for concealing blemishes and pimples.

If the makeup already has a lot of oil in it, the extra oil will smudge the makeup and you'll end up with a nice smear job. Hence, the best way to help your oily skin is to know how to apply the makeup, so it doesn't make the oil worst. Here are 4 tips to help you out.

1. Prepare Your Skin: Wash your face with hot water and soap to open the pores, then splash cold water on it to close the pores. It helps in removing extra oil without damaging the skin. Use an oil free moisturizer with a sunblock to prevent dry skin.

2. The Right Foundation: Use an oil free foundation in thin layers to prevent that "caked on" look. When you apply the foundation it should look natural. Set the foundation with some powder to match the foundation. They do have some setting spray you can use, but be careful it doesn't have added oil in it to increase your oily skin. You can use some kaolin clay, which absorbs the extra oil.

3. Choose A Matte Blush: The blush powder you use should be a lighter shade than your normal color of skin. The matte will have less oil in it than regular blush, which is usually made with an oil base.

Plus, don't use a cream blush; they have an oil base that will increase the oil in your face. Also, you may want to consider carrying a powdered blush with you to touch up the shine. It will make the blush last longer.

4. Eye Liner And Eye Shadow: Be sure you apply some foundation to your eye lids to absorb the extra oil in the creases. You can also use a pat of kaolin clay to absorb the oil. It will work as a base for eye shadow and eye liner, which are both made with an oil base. They do have some that are powdered base, so be sure to use those instead of the oil base eye shadow. Although, sometimes they just don't make them in the colors you like.

makeup for oily skin